Replying to: heyloura @heyloura


Authentication error:

It was behaving strangely. When I tried to authenticate from Safari, I’d get that error. Did it several times, same result.

Then I remembered that had the progressive web app on my Home Screen, but I kept getting the same pop-up to login overtop of the PWA, then I’d get that error. When I closed the pop-up (“done”), I wasn’t logged in underneath. I had to go through the process several times before it worked, then save a new PWA from the pop-up share sheet, reopen that, and then I was logged in.

The buttons at the bottom were not registering my clicks consistently. They’d show little circles overtop of them and register the touch, but not open the appropriate screen.

I just went back to the PWA and I was logged out again. I went through the authentication process again, and it worked. However, the buttons are still acting up.

Bryan @bryan