Hi! As you might have guessed, I’m Bryan.
You’ve landed on my personal blog.

A little bit more about me: I’m an urban planner by profession, affordable housing advocate, musician, tinkerer, and dad of two kids under five.

Originally from the Great Lakes region, I’ve called the Pacific Northwest home for going on 10 years now. I’m a graduate of Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning at University of Michigan and I follow Detroit redevelopment news closely.

I love to travel and get outdoors with my family, so there are a lot of photos of our adventures in Oregon and Washington on this blog. If you’re from the West Coast, please share your favorite natural areas. I’m particularly interested in family friendly activities in Metro Portland.

I play guitar and like to geek out about equipment. I recently built my own Telecaster. I enjoy Sci-Fi movies, but I have a terrible mind for titles and names, so don’t ask me which ones. I’m a dual U.S.- Italian citizen and interested in expat topics. My wife and I daydream about a part-time life abroad, so if you have any tips or want to scheme together, let me know!

I also sometimes write about urbanism and related topics, so if you’re looking for my urban planning blog, you can find that over here.

Currently Reading:

Cover for Where the Red Fern GrowsWhere the Red Fern Grows
by Wilson Rawls

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