I slept in today because of the sleeping pill I took in the middle of the night, but I was productive despite how groggy I felt when I woke up. I took 5 big bags of bottles back for the deposits, picked up groceries, and vacuumed my car. I picked up the backyard a little bit and blew the leaves off the deck.

S’s dad came for a visit today, who was in town for work. It’s been nice having him swing through more often the last year or so, but sometimes the heads-up is short, and there’s a lot to do to make the place presentable. S worked her butt off yesterday and today getting the place cleaned up. We try to keep up on it, but having to little kids makes it difficult.

After grandpa showed up, we took the kids to the nature park and went for a couple mile walk through the woods. They were wild, but I think they had fun. It was warming up, but the dense canopy kept up cool.

I had prepped some BBQ before we left and put it on the grill, but it still needed a few more hours to cook after we got back. The family watched a kids’ movie for a bit while I went upstairs and messed around with my blog. The ribs turned out pretty good! We rounded out the meal with some mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

This evening we folded laundry while the kids took baths. It rained tonight, which is kind of strange for this time of year in the Northwest. June has been strange in general. My garden seems to be loving it, though, and thankfully for that given the issues I’ve had with the drip irrigation recently.

Tomorrow we’re taking the kids to some park on the Willamette, meeting up with some friends to go paddle boarding. I’m considering brining the canoe. It’s supposed to be cloudy but there’s no rain in the forecast yet. I’m sure the kids will enjoy it.

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