January 10, 2019

So the new year came without much fanfare. 2019, here we are.

We spent the evening in bed, and dare I say it was probably one of the best NYE’s I’ve ever had? I’m not sure Shar can say the same, but I’ve almost always disappointed by NYE parties.

For starters, I get too nostalgic. Second, I hate crowds. And third, they’re just sad to me for some reason. Here we are! It’s another year! Let’s pretend we’re gonna change on purpose on this arbitrary moment in space but not really do it! That’s why I start my new habits regularly. I keep a running tally of how long I’ve been doing each to motivate me and to not break the habit.

So, we spent our NYE joyously in our luxurious double pillow top/memory foam king size bed reading, without any real intentions for the new year other than to continue to try and be our best. We leaned over and kissed each other at midnight, turned off the light, and fell asleep.

I also woke up sober and feeling alive. My skin had color to it and I smiled a lot, perhaps for the first since legally able to drink.

I ran 3 day this week. Yesterday I did 3 miles and ran a personal record at age 37, which is still a depressingly slow 10 minute something split. However, I’m trending in the right direction. I took today off because I sort of hurt my leg yesterday and wanted to give it a day to rest. Plus, I really don’t think the running 5 days a week thing is good for our joints.

I have still not lost any weight despite burning about 500 extra calories per day and giving up a lot of not-so-great foods. Not sure what is up there but I can only think it’s at least partially attributed to the vegetarian diet. I see folks doing keto losing tons of weight and it’s sort of frustrating given what I thought I was doing when I began this journey. At least I’m still not gaining. But I might have to rethink this thing. I’m working on 11 months without a piece of animal flesh in my digestive system and I’m rather enjoying it, but I’d really love to lose about 30 pounds.

My last update was about wearing the holter monitor after 3 months of trying to get one from Kaiser Permanente. They shaved my chest and glued the thing on. I dropped it off on New Year’s Day. Still no word. I’m coming to expect this.

The baby’s due two weeks from Saturday. I keep thinking I’m gonna get an excited call from Shar telling me things are happening. I don’t think she’s ever been more ready to be a mother in her life. Me, I’m a little nervous but also very excited.

Two nights ago it moved a lot in her belly and I caught a little bit of it on video. Kind of alien-like! Can’t wait to meet him or her!





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